uncertain by emeraldiris


uncertain by emeraldiris

I think my PBS station is replaying this season. I’m not a huge fan of Donna, but 10 is completely my guy.

She’s just the weirdest person in the world. And she’s, like, SO pretty, but what’s amazing about Karen is that her beauty is not part of her personality at all. She’s so unaware of it. You know how some people are really beautiful and they go, “oh, I’m beautiful,” but she’s really not, and she’s really funny and really ridiculous.


Who’s your biggest critic?
CM: It’s usually yourself isn’t it? If my biggest critic exsists outside my own head, then I’m not sure I ever want to meet them.

My dash needs some more Colin.


Avengers cast → hugs

Is it weird that I could watch this all day?

Chuck x Sarah Meme ϟ [2/7] Places
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I’ve had this idea for a book club/reading project. The only problem is it absolutely requires multiple people.

Here’s the idea. I want to call it “A Book by its Cover.” You would get the names of the characters, the setting (time and place), and the cover (it would help if its some kind of picture in some way related to the story) and then you go from there. You make some kind of prediction of what the book would be about based on those things alone, then you get to read it so you can see how the actual book is better than what you expected.